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Nowadays, IT solutions have become an important competitive element in many industries. As these systems and solutions get larger and more innovative, the more it becomes integral in affecting more parts of the organization. Companies embark on IT projects with the goal of improving not only business processes but achieve financial success as well. 

Finding the ideal IT partner is just as important as finding the right solution for your business. The risks involved in partnering with the wrong solution provider is high and more often results to costly and irreparable business mistakes. The going might get even tougher for those companies planning to adopt new applications and reach technology frontiers because it is a new mix of not just technology and tools, but also re-engineered business processes, and therefore, require a firm understanding of the industry and its solutions. 

Be it on-premise, cloud or mobile, the next wave of application comes from the experts who help organizations manage and sustain their industry. Hence, it's important to partner with an industry specialist. While many might think that the role of an IT partner is to provide only the right tools and technology for business users to manage their information in whichever way they like, the reality is much different. 

A good IT partner plays an active role of (planning, research and development, testing, review and Q&A) in defining the strategy for a successful project implementation. However, an industry specialist goes far and deep. They go through intensive and extensive processes —to maximize efficiency and productivity and minimize risks and costs for their intended users. They see a wide range of options to fit the needs and demands of an industry to deliver more than what any general solution provider can bring.

iThink Technologies, Inc. is an IT company specialized in providing enterprise organizations with a complete set of industry-specific solutions and specialized services that addresses the needs, demands and challenges of the complex and constantly evolving businesses today. These solutions include iAsset, an Enterprise Asset Management software (EAM), iLogistics, a logistics management software, which is also iAsset with dispatching, iLoans, a loans management software and Spotrap, a complete security system for business and home use.

Experts believe that the success of most IT projects depends on two critical factors: 

  1. The right technology and partner providing the required information in the most effective manner.
  2. And detailing of business requirements for better decision-making. 

“Compromising on either of these areas will lead to sub-optimal implementation and utilization".


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