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About Us

iThink Technologies, Inc. is a dynamic software development company offering industry-specific software solutions to medium and large enterprises. Serving local and multinational clients since 2000, iThink provides well-crafted software applications, highly professional system consulting, specialized services (outsourcing) and tailored IT education.

Driven by customer service and technology, the company continues to evolve and expands it's comprehensive industry solutions and define its direction towards building stronger and wider IT practice to reach more clients in the Philippines.

Over the years, iThink Technologies partnered and have been accredited by various IT giants such as Microsoft and IBM. 

    • IBM Business Partner
    • IBM Advanced Career Education (IBM-ACE)
    • IBM Advanced Partner for Software
    • Microsoft Business Partner
    • Microsoft Independent Software Vendor
    • Oracle Business Partner
    • Globe Premium Business Partner


    iThink’s continuous growth resulted from distinctive strategic initiatives, effective leadership, team competency and a customer-centric engagement model. In over 10 years, iThink continuously progressed as an IT company specialized in providing enterprise organizations with a complete set of industry-specific solutions and specialized services that addresses the needs, demands and challenges of the complex and constantly evolving businesses today. These solutions include iAsset, an Enterprise Asset Management solution (EAM), iLogistics, which is also iAsset with dispatching, iLoans, a financing solution and Spotrap, a complete security system for business and home use.

    Service Excellence

    Furthermore, IT needs has also evolved and is critical in impacting efficiency and productivity. With iThink’s team of IT experts, we help you address those needs with our solutions and wide range of services taking into consideration your current business goals and initiatives and flexibility to adapt to the constantly changing market.

    Customer Commitment

    Backed up with comprehensive & relevant IT expertise and a full portfolio of specialized services, iThink aims to keep customers happy through the following:

    • iThink will keep your IT system up and running.
    • IT support will always be available, providing the service you need.
    • Allow us to take care of your IT needs so you could focus on the more important aspect of your job—growing the business.

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