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Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

Enterprise Asset Management 

System Overview:

iAsset is a comprehensive cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software that manages every aspect of the asset management and maintenance cycle. The system goes far beyond the fixed asset functionality typically found in accounting systems. 

iAsset features an end-to-end EAM system that covers: 

  • Asset Acquisition 
  • Asset Information 
  • Utilization 
  • Repairs & Services 
  • Preventive Maintenance 

  • Insurance Monitoring 
  • Appraisal Asset 
  • Disposal 
  • Parts, Tools & Accessories 
  • Fuel Management & many others

Asset Management Software

Readily available as a repository of information, iAsset facilitates easy transactions and business processes. iAsset is a powerful vertical solution that covers every aspect of Asset Maintenance.

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