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The iThink Team

iThink was founded by Mr. Celestino “Jun” Mercader, Jr. As the driving force behind iThink, the company continues to evolve with its comprehensive industry solutions and define its direction towards building stronger and wider IT practice reaching more clients in the Philippines.

The iThink team is composed of people that are experts in the field of IT, Accounting and Business. As such, you are guaranteed to be working with certified professionals who have undergone intensive training and carries with them many years of experiences in the industry.

Pillars of our Organization

iThink and each of its team members are guided by a set of values that demonstrates dedication and commitment to customers and drive towards excellence and quality of work.

Excellence & Quality Assurance

We make sure that in each and every project we handle that we meet or even exceed expectations set during the planning phase.

Innovation and Advancement
    We make sure that the products we carry are up-to-date, have minimal errors, and can be customized to fit your needs and                                    requirements resulting to more value for what you pay.

    Integrity and Professionalism
      This is evident with how we carry ourselves and interact with you as IT professionals—honest, reliable and trustworthy.

        Each professional in iThink is a team player who can work independently and in unity with other team members, keeping in mind                            common goals set with clients.

        Commitment and Dedication
          We make sure that you have our 100% commitment and dedication to working hard to ensure that goals set are attained in a timely                       manner, expectations are met and that you get the most out of partnering with iThink.


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