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iLoans - Loans Management Software

iLoans is a cloud application that provides financing companies with comprehensive commercial loan management solutions. 

The system covers the end-to-end process from initial application to settlement. iLoans improves business results by managing all aspects of the loan process:

  • Pre-qualification / Application Processin
  • Credit Checking / Calculation 
  • Loan Approval
  • Booking / Releasing
  • Billing & Collection 
  • Remedial / Settlement

iLoans offers:

  • A full-featured system that supports the end-to-end process of Loans Management in one conveniently accessible system.
  • An integrated system that works from single point of entry eliminating redundancy, reducing errors from manual process/computation.
  • An efficient recording system that allows businesses to keep detailed loan history and transaction movements.
  • Since this is cloud-based, you can generate comprehensive trade and management reports from a system that is always updated.
  • Lower acquisition, maintenance and operating costs as a result of its basic cloud set-up.

iLoans is Flexible enough to handle a Variety of Commercial Loan Products

Loans Management Software
Loans Management Software
Loans Management Software

iLoans Benefits:

  • Full Customer Activity Management â€“ When you capture all of your loan and account information in one system, you have a wealth of consolidated knowledge at your fingertips about your customers' activities and overall relationship with you. 

  • Efficient use of processed data for more business benefits-   By capturing and utilizing an applicant’s information and credit standing, etc.,  you can manage risks, make better decisions and maximize the opportunities for additional sales and increased profitability.   

  • Shared information & Simplified reporting - By using a single system to report on productivity and risk, you can gain useful insights that matter and with an online set-up, you can readily generate updated reports. This simplifies the entire business process from recording to reporting.   

iLoans Process & Features:


  • Borrower Profile
  • Loan Application
  • Loan Calculator


  • Direct Loan Receipt
  • Check Voucher
  • CIR Form
  • Disbursement Voucher

  • Collection
    • Official Receipt
    • Sundry OR
    • PDC Acknowledge Receipt
    • PDC Batch Encoding
    • Return Check Notice
    • Deposit Slip


    • Moratorium
    • Acceleration
    • PUO Form
    • Legal Form
    • Write - Off Form

    Audit / Tracking
    • Sub - Ledgers
    • Realization
    • General Ledger
    • DLR Correction Notices
    • Daily Cash Collection Report

    • OR Reversal
    • Refund

    Request For Payment


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