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Logistics Management Software

Logistics Management Software

Cloud Software Solution for 
Transportation Management & Cargo Dispatching

Logistics Management Software

iLogistics is a logistics management software solution for your transportation business. It is an efficient solution for cargo transport operations designed for handling shipment booking, trip monitoring and all other transport activities throughout the delivery process. iLogistics includes a process for connecting your fleet management, vehicle dispatching, in/outbound goods and shipping schedules. 

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity or you simply need a way to transport containers or other large loads from one destination to another, iLogistics will keep your operation running at maximum efficiency.

iLogistics is built with a state-of-the-art cloud services architecture to manage your system online, so your investment is optimized and business continuity is assured.

iLogistics: A merger of Asset Management & Dispatching   

iLogistics when employed correctly, can drive many benefits to help your company’s bottom line. Many of its features start by eliminating  manual and tedious process, coincidentally giving you seamless information critical to business operation.

iThink's logistics management software can help drive efficiency, eliminate errors, and most importantly helps save money in your transportation business.  

iLogistics - A Transport and Logistics solution in one.

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Logistics Management Software, Philippines

iLogistics Advantages:    

  • Reduce COSTLY Shipping Mistakes: iLogistics will have you prevent keying in the wrong information. Decrease or completely eliminate entry errors that lead to increased shipping costs.

  • Improve Your Customer Service: How much does it cost for you to LOSE a customer? With iLogistics, you can perform near real time freight tracking & cargo movement. You and your customers are empowered to know how much the freight will cost and when the freight will arrive at it’s destination.  

  • Organizational Control: With iLogistics, you are able to regain control over freight management, freight costs and risk. The system is flexible enough to accommodate custom company business rules, yet powerful enough to force all users, both internal and external, to follow the policies that ensure efficient and cost effective shipping.  

  • Faster Transaction & Be Expansion Ready: With such powerful features in your hands, you can streamline your operation to process more shipments and serve more customers. As your business grows and ships more freight, iLogistics will allow you to easily manage these transactions.

iLogistics Features:

 Shipment Handling:

  • Transport / Shipping (Trade) Management
  • Booking / Shipping Entry
  • Import Shipping
  • Export Shipping
  • Local delivery
  • Hustling delivery
  • EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt) Tracking
  • Container 
  • Chassis 

Monitoring of the following:
  • TARA
  • Import TARA
  • Export and Local TARA
  • Truck Status
  • Drivers Trip Summary
  • Container
  • Chassis 

Transport Management:

  • Vehicle/Fleet Management
  • Vehicle 201 / Information

   - Insurance

   - LTO Registration

   - Warranty

  • Fuel Maintenance
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Driver 201 / Information
  • Vehicle Retirement
  • Vehicle Utilization/Reservation

   - Trip Management

   - Vehicle Availability

  • Vehicle Dispatching
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service & Repairs Management


Inventory Tracking:  

  • Shipping Information

Logistics Management Software

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