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Backed up comprehensive & relevant IT expertise and a full portfolio of specialized services, iThink aims to keep customers happy through the following:

  • iThink will keep your IT system up and running.
  • IT support will always be available, providing the service you need.
  • Allow us to take care of your IT needs so you could focus on the more important aspect of your job—growing the business.

iThink Services

  • Software Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Software Implementation
  • Outsourced IT Support
  • Outsourced IT Management / CIO

In today's challenging and demand in business environment, IT needs has also evolved and is critical in impacting efficiency and productivity. With iThink’s team of experienced IT experts, we help you address those needs with our solutions and wide range of services taking into consideration your current business goals and initiatives and flexibility to adapt to the constantly changing market. As a specialized solution and service provider, the services offered by iThink gives your business a definite edge by bringing with it the best industry practices and proven benefits such as well-managed processes, improved business performance, increased productivity-- impacting over-all profitability.

Software Application Development & Maintenance

Businesses in the different industries today are faced with unique and increasingly complex challenges that most “plug and play” software packages can no longer address. Making use of the best-of-breed software development methodologies and processes, iThink provides application development services and maintenance based on distinct business needs and processes to help your business succeed and rise above competition. Maintenance services are also included to ensure optimal application performance and help manage other critical areas of the business.

Business Process Outsourcing

Businesses today are constantly evolving and faced with more challenging issues. Thus you need to find a turn around and make these challenges work to your advantage. That’s where iThink’s BPO services comes to play—it makes your business more efficient and effective through providing end-to-end, cost-effective, reliable and specialized and specific outsourced solutions and services, where and when you need them. Whatever your business goals are, iThink makes it work with you and for you through providing world-class and trusted processes, practices and superior technology solutions that will help your organization to grow and succeed that can be measured by increased performance and productivity, better customer satisfaction, higher levels of employee engagement, and more.

IT Education

The IT Education service of iThink provides a full range of learning options to help you maximize your technological investments through skills acquisition & enhancement and as well as updating of IT knowledge and tools to address your staffs’ goals in relation to the needs of the business. Through IT Education, organizations can expect increased IT efficiency and effectivity thru enabling of the best IT practices in the industry to manage risks and improve performance and productivity.

             - Product/Solution Training

             - Mentoring
             - Review and Certification
             - Product Manuals & Other Resources

IT Support

Every business has unique needs and is faced with different challenges so having the right IT support in place is important. iThink provides specialized and specific IT support services that fit your business need and budget. Aimed at service excellence, iThink has always been committed to providing first rate and timely support services which include technical support services, product upgrades, yearly maintenance, warranty programs and more Proactive problem prevention, accurate identification of problems and quick resolution or plan-of-action is integral in iThink’s support services aimed at addressing technical and product issues. Your needed product fixes, updates and drivers, demo and trial versions of software are available and will be provided for you. Also, service requests, warranties and licensing issues are quickly addressed.

Solution Consulting

Businesses nowadays can depend on technology to help them with automation in processes and operations and growth and productivity. With over 15 years of IT expertise under iThink’s name, customers are provided with top quality consulting services in order to ensure that desired results are delivered and achieved. A team composed of experienced IT experts, iThink works with and around your people, processes, assets and infrastructure for:

- Problems/Needs Analysis

- Setting of Goals

- Project Planning

- Solution Formulation and Assessment

- Implementation Plans

A holistic and specialized consulting approach is utilized by iThink that involves defining and setting goals and objectives, strategy and roadmap formulation aimed at transforming technology, business processes and people (through IT education) and an execution plan to make all these happen.

IT Project Management

With iThink’s IT Project Management Services, customers are assured that projects and/or programs are handled well by specialized IT professionals that have tested and experienced the best industry practices—people you can trust to get work done and delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner from planning, managing, implementation until support. These include:

            - Assistance with project planning--from problem definitions,                needs identification, research to preparation of project                        proposals

            - Building project teams and assigning team members
            - Facilitating project meetings; monitoring progress and                        mentoring of managers
            - Managing risks
            - Evaluation and selection of solutions and services
            - Developing project plans, strategy roadmap and timelines                  for successful implementation of projects.

    Whether you have an upcoming project or requirement or is already engaged in a project that is going / has gone off-track, iThink’s IT project management services, can help you with what you need to succeed by utilizing a proven service methodology which is unique and can be tailor fit to meet the needs and demands of different business.


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