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The iThink Advantage

In achieving financial success, it takes a perfect combination of having the right IT solution that addresses the unique needs of your business and partnering with the right people. Finding the ideal IT partner is equally important as finding the right solution for your business. The risks involved in partnering with wrong solution providers are high and can result to costly and irreparable business mistakes. Hence, it is important to work with the right IT partner, an industry specialist. An industry specialist is a partner you can trust that will lead you to get insights, support and expertise that will propel your business to succeed. We are an industry specialist, and with us, you get to experience the iThink advantage.


Powerhouse of Industry-Specific IT Solutions
As an industry specialist, iThink has grown into a software powerhouse over the years addressing the demands and needs of several industries that include transportation & logistics, energy and utilities, facilities, manufacturing and banking & finance. Also, it has over a dozen custom “niche” and enterprise applications under their name and has utilized industry standard packages in active partnerships with IBM, Linux/Open Source, SAP, Oracles, Unisys, HP and other large system integrators in the Philippines.
iThink's Full Portfolio of Specialized Services
iThink range of services are specific and customized to the needs and demands of your business. These include software application development, solution consulting, IT project management, business process outsourcing, IT education and training and support. With the objective of keeping our customers happy, these services will ensure that iThink will keep your IT system up and running, IT support will always be available to provide the service you need and by allowing us to take care of your IT needs, you could focus more on growing your business. Hand-in-hand, iThink will work with you in achieving optimum productivity and financial success.
Customer-Centric Engagement
iThink’s true commitment to our customers is demonstrated by the way we do business with them and our years of experience as a specialized solutions and service provider across different industries. Because our customers are the most important, our focus is on you, our goals and strategies are driven by you.

Proven Service Methodology

Being a specialized solution and service provider for many years now, iThink makes use of a proven service methodology which is unique and can be customized to meet the needs and demands of different businesses. We make use of our expertise to ensure that our customers are provided with leading-edge, reliable, cost-effective and flexible industry-specific solutions and/or specialized services that meets the needs and demands of their business yielding productivity, profitability and financial success.


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